Ju Bhota is an independent music maker based between Rome and L’Aquila (Italy).

Composer, multi-instrumentalist musician, independent music producer, Ju Bhota began studying music at age 10. During 25 years of living music, he has had the opportunity to study different musical instruments, playing in many musical projects and local bands, exploring different genres and musical languages. From folk music to trash metal, from classical music to electronic music, raggae, funk, afro-beat, jazz, blues and afrocuban rhythms. He studied accordion, classical and elctric guitar, bass, drums, percussions and sound engineering.


About Ju Bhota set up:

Drums: Roland V-Drum TD11 Kit

Percussions: tumbadoras, tambores Batà, cowbells, jamblocks, guiro, effects

Electric bass: Ibanez

Guitars: electric Jackson, semi-acustic Skylark, classic Alhambra

ampli: mesa boogie V-twin + EL84

Audio hardware: RME Fireface 800, Adam A5X, Rode AN1T, M-Audio Oxygen 49,  Allen & Heath zed 22 fx